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 Change the form of narration of the following sentences. 1) " Why are not you wearing chapples ? "I ask one boy.     " My mother did not bring them down from the shelf " , he answers simply. = I ask one boy why he is not wearing chapples. He answers simply that his mother did not bring them  down from the shelf. 2) One day Mukesh told me that he would be motor mechanic and leave Firozabad. I asked him if he knew anything about cars. = One day Mukesh said to me , " I shall be a motor mechanic and leave Firozabad. "      I said to him , " Do you know anything about cars ? " 3) The lady said to the salesman , " What is the price of this Barbie Doll ? " The salesman said to her, " It is a bit expensive. But I  can give it to you at a 20 percent discount. " = The lady asked the salesman what the price of that Barbie Doll was .    The salesman replied her that it was a bit expensive but he could give that to her at a 20 percent dis


  Q) Write a short essay on Kaziranga National Park.        KAZIRANGA NATIONAL PARK           A    park   which  is  protected   by the     government    for     conservation purposes   of   plants   and  animals is called      national     park.       Kaziranga National Park is one of the most famous national parks in the world. Basically, it is famous for  its one horned rhino. It is located  in the  districts of Golaghat and Nagaon of Assam.             UNESCO declared Kaziranga as a World Heritage Site in the year 1985. At first  it  was  not known  as  its   present name.   It  was   known   as     Kaziranga Proposed Reserve Forest. In 1916, it was named as  Kaziranga   Game  Sanctuary. But this  name   did  not  suit. So  it  was renamed    as    Kaziranga     Wild      life Sanctuary   in  the year 1950 by the P. D. Stracy.   In    the    year   1974    it    was designated as a national park.             The   world   famous    Kaziranga National Park is a home to animals like

Transformation of sentences NCRT SOLUTION

 FROM SIMPLE  ,COMPLEX TO COMPOUND SENTENCE Having finished the work he went to home. = He finished the work and went to home. We can prove that the earth is round. = The earth is round and we can prove it. Coming home he began to work. = He came home and began to work. Being tired he refused to work. = He was tired and so refused to work. In spite of poverty he wants to help others. = He is poor but wants to help others. If you do not take exercise you will be ill. = Take exercise or you will be ill. My ambition is to serve my country. = I have an ambition and it is to serve my country. He can not shine in life because of his laziness. = He is lazy and so can not shine in life. FROM SIMPLE TO COMPLEX I have no money to spare. = I have no money that I can spare. An honest man is respected by all. = A man who is honest is respected by all. He is too lazy to shine in life. = He is so lazy that he can not shine in life. These mangoes are so cheap that they can not be sweet. = These mangoe