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Self introduction

            Self Introduction How to give self introduction in an interview. A student has to say the following things in a school interview or in an assembly. A student's personality reflects in his / her self introduction. So one should be very carefull while giving his or her self introduction. Hello everybody good morning / Good morning to all of you present here / hello sir/ madam good morning. 1. Myself Dipak Boruah.                   Or     I am Dipak Boruah                   Or     My name is Dipak Boruah 2. My father's name is .............. 3. My mother's name is ............ 4. I live in Charaideo.                Or     I am from Charaideo.                Or      I belong to Charaideo                Or      I dwell at Tengapukhuri 5. I read in class x .                Or     I am a student of class x 6. My ambition is to become a good teacher.                 Or    I want to be a good teacher in my life.                 Or    My aim in life is to be a good engine