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The young one of the animals

 Animals      Young one Bear                      cub Cat                        kitten Cow                      calf Deer                      fawn Dog                       puppy Duck                     duckling Eagle                    eaglet Elephant               calf Fish                      fry Fox                       cub Frog                     tadpole Goat                     kid Goose                   gosling Hare                     leveret Hen                      chicken Horse                   colt / filly Sheep                   lamb Stag                      fawn  Swan                   cygnet Wolf                    cub Animals     Home Ant                      Hive Bat                      Caves Parrot                  Cage Rat                      Holes Pig                      Pen Tiger                   Den Cow                   Shed Porcupine          Burrows Camel                Desert Shark                  Sea Sheep                 Pen Spider           


 SENTENCE AND ITS KINDS Sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete sense.  Based on meaning a sentence can be divided into five kinds. They are:- 1. Assertive Sentence 2. Interrogative Sentence 3. Imperative Sentence 4. Optative Sentence 5. Exclamatory Sentence.  Assertive Sentence The sentences that describe a usual incident or indicate a statement are called Assertive Sentence. Mostly an Assertive Sentence starts with a subject and ends with full stop (.) . Assertive Sentences are of two kinds. They are:-      Affirmative Sentence      Negative  Sentence              AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCE The sentences that have a positive sense are called Affirmative Sentence. Example:- It is a good idea.             NEGATIVE SENTENCE The sentences that have a negative sense are called Negative Sentence. 1. I did not see them in the park. 2.She was not busy the day before. INTERROGATIVE SENTENCE  The sentences that make a question are called Interrogative Sentences. Interrogative sentence