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NCRT Solutions Memories of childhood for class XII

 Give short answer of the following questions 1. What was Zitkala- Sa's idea regarding short shingled hair ? = According to Zitkala - Sa among their people, short hair was worn by mourners, and shingled hair by cowards. Her mother taught her that only unskilled warriors who were captured had their hair shingled by the enemy. 2. How did Zitkala-Sa try to hide herself from others in the school ? Did she succeeded ? = When Zitkala - Sa heard that her hair was going to be chopped, she crept up the stairs when no one was noticing her. She quietly went into a room where the windows were covered with dark colour curtains . Then she crawled under a bed and huddled herself in the dark corner to hide herself from others.                No she did not succeeded . She was caught by other girls. 3. What was Zitkala- Sa immediate reaction to the cutting of her hair ? = For Zitkala-Sa cutting of hair was symbol of torture, oppression and humilitation. When her long hair was cut, she felt anguish

NCRT SOLUTIONS Prepositions for class XII

 Fill in the blanks with the suitable prepositions                        HS - 2013 a) We informed the police of the theft in the house. b) The children were looking forward to their visit to Shillong. c) I spoke to her in the office. d) Did you enjoy yourself in the party last night ? e) The girl standing between the two boys is their sister. f) Flour is made from wheat.               HS - 2014 a) The train arrived at the station a minute ago. b) My birthday is on 24 August c) The office is closed on the second and fourth Saturday. d) Our school is at Chandmari. e) We have been staying at a hotel near the bus stop. f) The girl standing between the two boys is their sister.                        HS- 2015 a) I have heard a lot about you from your class teacher. b) His father is a principal of a school in Jorhat. c) Please sit down for a few minutes d) Tom is addicted to gambling. e) Don't be afraid of telling the truth. f) Sheila is proud of her beauty.      

NCRT Solutions English Vistas ON THE FACE OF IT

Q. 1) Who is Mr. Lamb ? How does Derry get into his garden ? = Mr. Lamb is an old man with a tin leg who was the owner of the apple garden . He had to lose one of his legs in a war and since then he lives all alone in his house.                  Derry gets into his garden by climbing it's boundary wall. Though the gate was open , he does not use it. Q. 2) Why aren't there any curtains at the windows of Mr. Lambs house ? = There are not any curtains in the windows of Mr. Lambs house, because he is not fond of curtains as they shuts things in and shuts things out. He like the light and the darkness. He always kept open his windows to hear the wind. Q. 3) Why does Mr. Lamb have tin leg ? = Mr. lamb has tin leg because he had to lose one of his legs in a war. Since then he has to walk on an artificial leg. Q. 4) What is meant by " Handsome is as handsome does " ? = The proverb " handsome is as handsome does " means that it is not important how one looks like but