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Voice change of Interrogative sentences.

INTERROGATIVE SENTENCE  The sentences that make a question are called Interrogative Sentences. Interrogative sentences always start with an auxiliary verb or some wh question words. Interrogative sentences are of two kinds. They are -    Yes no question Wh question Yes No Question The question that can be answered with the words 'Yes' or 'No' are called Yes no question . Example:- a) Do you like coffee ? = Yes, I do /  No, I don't  b) Can you read the lesson ? = Yes, I can /  No, I can't. c) Did you tell her the matter ? = Yes, I did / No I didn't . If the active voice belongs to 'Yes no question' of interrogative sentence, it is changed into passive voice as given below. 1. Do you like to play kabaddi ? = Is Kabaddi liked to play by you ? 2. Does she visit the temple regularly ? = Is the temple visited by her regularly ? 3. Are the girls watering the flowers ? = Are the flowers being watered by the girls ? 4. Can you  play cricket ? = Can cricket be

Passage writing

Q. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.     Today's woman is a highly self-directed person, alive to the sense of her dignity and the importance of her functions in the private domestic domain and the public domain of the world of work. Women are rational in approach, careful in handling situation and want to do things as best possible. The Forth World Conference of Women held in Beijing in september 1995 had emphasised that no enduring solution of society's most threatening social, economic and political problems could be found without the participation and empowerment of the women. The 1995 World Summit for Social Development had also emphasised the pivotal role of women in eradicating poverty and mending the social fabric .                The Constitution of India had conferred on women equal rights and opportunities - political, social, educational and of employment - with men. Because of oppressive traditions, superstitions, exploitati

Grammar for H. S. Examination

Correct the Tense form of the following. a) Ice (float) on water. = Ice floats on water. b) He (go) home When we met him. = He was going home when we met him. c) I want to go for a walk, but I (not finish) my work yet. = I want to go for a walk, but I have not finished my work yet. d) Perhaps it (rain) yesterday. = Perhaps it rained yesterday . e) All the students ( leave) when I reached the school. = All the students left when I reached the school. f) You (sleep) for three hours now. = You have been sleeping for three hours now. g) We (walk)  for two hours at a stretch and now we need to rest. = We have been walking for two hours at a stretch and now we need to rest .   Change the Voice form of the following. a) My bicycle has been stolen. = Someone has stolen my bicycle . b) He is expected soon. = We expect him soon. c) He likes tea. = Tea is liked by her. d) Please give me some more time. = You are requested to give me some more time. e)When will the work be finished ? = When they w