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 Turn The Following Sentences Into Negative Without Changing Its Meaning. 1. She is a good girl. = She is not a bad girl. 2. Maya always speaks the truth. = Maya never tells a lie. 3. Chiku is a regular student. = Chiku is not an irregular student. 4. Only I can do this. = None but I can do this. 5. She gave me only money. = She gave me nothing but money  6. She will forget me. = She will not remember me. 7. I shall remember you. = I shall not forget you. 8.You are as tall as I = You are not taller than I 9. She must pay the loan. = She can not but pay the loan. 10.You must finish the work. = You can not but finish the work. 11.Only God can save her. = None but God can save her. 12.My grandfather is too weak to walk. = My grandfather is so weak that he can not walk. 13.The bird is too small to fly. = The bird is so small that it can not fly. 14.He loves you. = He does not hate you. 15.Every rose has a thone. =  There is no rose without a thone. 16.Every problem has a solution. = There

Voice Change of Imperative Sentence

VOICE CHANGE OF IMPERATIVE SENTENCE The sentences that make us request, order and advice are called Imperative sentence. Imperative sentences are always in present tense. Imperative sentences start with a verb or some requested words while Assertive sentences start with a subject and Interrogative sentences with an auxiliary verb. Though the subject in the imperative sentences can not be seen, there is a single subject to all the imperative sentences, and it is ' You' . Example a) Water the flowers. b) Copy the note. c) Please help her. d) Don't go there. Not all imperative sentences are necessarily commands. They can be social expressions. For example Get well soon Have a nice day. Have a sweet dream. Imperative sentences are of three kinds. They are - i) Sentences of request ii) Sentences of order iii) Sentences of advice        SENTENCES OF ORDER The sentences that make an order are called sentences of order. They starts with an verb. Example  i) Don't go there. ii)