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The Last Lesson. Question answer of the last lesson. Ncrt solutions The Last Lesson. Important questions of the Last Lesson

              THE LAST LESSON Give Short Answer of the following questions. a) Who is the writer of the prose piece "  The Last Lesson " ? = Alphonse Daudet is the writer of the      prose piece " The Last Lesson " . b) " I started for school very late that morning. " Who is the 'I' here ? = Here the 'I' is little Franz. c) Who was M. Hamel ? = M. Hamel was a French teacher of little Franz's school. d) Where were the birds chirping ? = The birds were chirping at the edge of woods. e) Where were the prussians soldiers drilling ? = The prussians soldiers were drilling in the open field back of the Sawmill. f) Who was defeated in the Franco - Prussian War ? = The Prussian defeated France in the Franco - Prussian War. g) Where was the bulletin board ? = The bulletin board was at the town hall. h) Name the blacksmith mentioned in the prose piece  ' The Last Lesson ' . = Wachter is the blacksmith mentioned in the prose piece ' The

Abdul kalam

                    MY CHILDHOOD Q) Say whether the following statements are true or false a) Abdul kalam was born at Rameswaram in Madras. = True b) Abdul Kalam came of a very poor family. = False c) Kalam's father possessed innate wisdom and a true of generosity. = True d) Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry was the son of Ramanadha Sastry. =False e) Abdul Kalam studied at Rameswaram Elementary School. =True f) The new teacher could not tolerate a Hindu priest's son sitting with a Muslim boy. =True g) The society of Rameswaram was not rigid in terms of the segregation of various groups. = False h) Children can't be given 'thoughts' by parents. = True 1) Answer the following questions. a) Name the autobiography of Abdul Kalam. = The name of the autobiography of Abdul Kalam is ' Wings of Fire ' . b) Who was Abdul kalam's mother? = Abdul kalam's mother was Ashiamma. c) Who was Abdul Kalam's father? = Abdul Kalam's father was Jainulabdeen. d) When did The