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Voice Change for HS Examination

 Change the voice of any three of the following sentences:                      HS:-2023 a) My bicycle has been stolen. = Someone has stolen my bicycle. b)He is expected soon. = We expect him soon. c) He likes tea. = Tea is liked by her. d) Please give me some more time. = You are requested to give me some more time. e) When will the work be finished? = When will they finish the work ? f) Shut the window. = Let the window be shut.             HS:-2014 a)The student was told to leave the room. = The teacher told the students to leave the room. b)Guwahati is called the gateway to the North East. = People call Guwahati the gateway to the North East. c)They laugh at us. = We were laughed at by them. d)My umbrella has been stolen. = I have lost my umbrella. e)The thief was beaten up by the mob. = The mob beat up the thief. f)You will be asked to deliver the letters. = They will ask you to deliver the letters.                     HS:- 2015 a) She bought the baby a doll. = A baby doll was bou