GOING PLACES NCRT Solutions For Class XII Going Places

 1.  What does Sophie want to have when she grows up ? = When Sophie grows up, she wants to have a boutique of her own. 2. Who is the writer of " Going Places " ? = A. R. Barton is the writer of the prose piece " Going Places " . 3. Where was it most likely that Sophie and her friend would find work after school ? = It was most likely that Sophie and her friend would find work in the biscuit factory after school. 4. For whom does Sophie ask Danny Casey an autograph ? = Sophie asks Danny Casey an autograph for her younger brother Derek. 5. Who is Derek ? = Derek was the younger brother of Sophie. 6. Who was Geoff ? = Geoff was the elder brother of Sophie. 7. Who is Danny Casey ? = Danny Casey was an Irish football player ? 8. Which was the only occasion when Sophie got to see Danny Casey in person ? = Sophie saw Danny Casey  in person only once. She went with her family to the stadium to watch the match of him and she saw him there in the field. 9. Which country


 Words                  Antonyms Above                   below Advantage            disadvantage Adversity             prosperity Affirm                 deny Accept                 reject Agree                  differ Arrive                  depart Aristocracy         democracy Attack                  defence Bad                      good Beautiful             ugly Belief                  doubt Blunt                   sharp Bold                    timid Care                    neglect Cheap                  dear Country               town Cruel                   kind Debit                   credit Defeat                 victory Defend               offend Difficult             easy Doctor                patient Early                   late Encourage          discourage Entrance             exit Exterior             Interior Failure              success False                 true Famous             notorious Freedom           slavery Full                   empty Genuine            spuri

The young one of the animals

 Animals      Young one Bear                      cub Cat                        kitten Cow                      calf Deer                      fawn Dog                       puppy Duck                     duckling Eagle                    eaglet Elephant               calf Fish                      fry Fox                       cub Frog                     tadpole Goat                     kid Goose                   gosling Hare                     leveret Hen                      chicken Horse                   colt / filly Sheep                   lamb Stag                      fawn  Swan                   cygnet Wolf                    cub Animals     Home Ant                      Hive Bat                      Caves Parrot                  Cage Rat                      Holes Pig                      Pen Tiger                   Den Cow                   Shed Porcupine          Burrows Camel                Desert Shark                  Sea Sheep                 Pen Spider           


 SENTENCE AND ITS KINDS Sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete sense.  Based on meaning a sentence can be divided into five kinds. They are:- 1. Assertive Sentence 2. Interrogative Sentence 3. Imperative Sentence 4. Optative Sentence 5. Exclamatory Sentence.  Assertive Sentence The sentences that describe a usual incident or indicate a statement are called Assertive Sentence. Mostly an Assertive Sentence starts with a subject and ends with full stop (.) . Assertive Sentences are of two kinds. They are:-      Affirmative Sentence      Negative  Sentence              AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCE The sentences that have a positive sense are called Affirmative Sentence. Example:- It is a good idea.             NEGATIVE SENTENCE The sentences that have a negative sense are called Negative Sentence. 1. I did not see them in the park. 2.She was not busy the day before. INTERROGATIVE SENTENCE  The sentences that make a question are called Interrogative Sentences. Interrogative sentence

Bank letters , Dormant Account

  Q. Write a letter to the bank manager to active a dormant account. To The Branch Manager HDFC  Bank, Jorhat Jorhat 21st May, 2022 Sub :- Application to active a dormant account. Sir   I am very sorry to state you that I have a saving account in your bank. My A/c no is - 200056564733. It has been blocked due to non transaction for a few years. I had been out of the town for a few years . Therefore I could not transact in my account. Now I would like to continue my account. Therefore, I kindly request you to active my dormant account at an early date. Thank you Yours most faithfully Rabin Prasad Q. Write a letter to the bank manager to stop ATM service in your account. To The Branch Manager HDFC  Bank, Jorhat Jorhat 21st May, 2022 Sub :- Application to stop ATM service Sir   I am very sorry to state you that I have lost my ATM card on 20th May 2022 in the morning while going Sivasagar to Jorhat by bus. My debit card no is - 4567 5643 3456 and my saving account no is- 20003452815 . Ther


Most Common Questions For H S L C  Examination 2023   Who wrote a letter to God and Why ? = Lencho wrote a letter to God. Lencho wrote a letter to God seeking one hundred pesos because his cornfield was totally destroyed in the hailstorm. Why did Lencho write the second letter to God ? = Lencho wrote the second letter to God to complain Him against the post office employees and seeking the rest thirty pesos.   Why did Lencho go out in the rain ? = Lencho went out in the rain for no other reason than to have the pleasure of feeling the rain on his body.  Describe the destruction caused by the hailstones in Lencho's fields.   = In the hailstorm all the corns of Lencho was totally destroyed . The flowers were gone from the plants and even not a leaf remained on the trees. After all, the hailstorm brought a total destruction to the corn field of Lencho. How did the postmaster collect the money to send to Lencho? = It was not so possible for the postmaster to collect one hundred pesos a

G K on Important Books

1. Who authored the book "Wake up India" ? = Annie Besant 2. ' Broken Wings ' is written by which writer ? = Sarojini Naidu  3. " Train to the Pakistan " is authored by - = Khushwant Singh 4. Who authored the book " Land of Five Rivers " ? = Khushwant Singh 5. " The God of Small Things " is written by - = Arundhati Roy 6. " The Company of Women " is written by ? =  Khushwant Singh 7. Who authored the book " The end of India " =  Khushwant Singh 8. Who authored the book " Listening to grass Hoppers " ? = Arundhati Roy 9. 'A Century is Not Enough' is an autobiography of - = Sourabh Gangully 10. " Why I am the Atheist " is the autobiography of- = Bhagat Singh 11. Name the autobiography of Sania Mirza = ACE Against Odds 12. Who wrote the book " A Suitable Boy "  =Vikram Seth 13. Who wrote the book " A Suitable Girl " ? = Vikram Seth 14.  Name the autobiography of Jawaharlal N