Voice change of Interrogative sentences.


The sentences that make a question are called Interrogative Sentences. Interrogative sentences always start with an auxiliary verb or some wh question words. Interrogative sentences are of two kinds. They are -   

  • Yes no question
  • Wh question
Yes No Question

The question that can be answered with the words 'Yes' or 'No' are called Yes no question .

a) Do you like coffee ?
= Yes, I do /  No, I don't 

b) Can you read the lesson ?
= Yes, I can /  No, I can't.

c) Did you tell her the matter ?
= Yes, I did / No I didn't .

If the active voice belongs to 'Yes no question' of interrogative sentence, it is changed into passive voice as given below.

1. Do you like to play kabaddi ?
= Is Kabaddi liked to play by you ?

2. Does she visit the temple regularly ?
= Is the temple visited by her regularly ?

3. Are the girls watering the flowers ?
= Are the flowers being watered by the girls ?

4. Can you  play cricket ?
= Can cricket be played by you ?

5. Have they taken the ticket from the counter ?
= Has the ticket been taken from the counter by them ?

6. Will you deposit the money today ?
= Will the money be deposited by you today ?

7. Were they playing cricket in the field ?
= Was cricket being played by them in the field ?

8. Should I answer the question ?
= Should the question be answered by me ?

9. Shall we invite her father to the meeting ?
= Will her father be invited to the meeting by us ?

10.  Should we  visit them ?
= Should they be visited by us ?

11. Does she read novel ?
= Is the novel read by her ?

12. Are the girls reading the novel ?
= Is the novel being read by the girls ?

13. Is she making a cup of tea for me ?
= Is a cup of tea being made for me by her ?

14. Was I not taking him to the market ?
= Was he not be taking to the market by me ?

15. Will she solve the problem ?
= Will the problem be solved by her ?

16. Had they written the letter to the headmaster ?
= Had the letter been written to the headmaster by you ?

17. Did you see my mother in the market ?
= Was my mother seen by you in the market ?

18. Would he do the work ? 
= Would the work be done by you ?

19. Can you tell me the matter ?
= Can the matter be told me by you ?

20. Will you meet my mother tonight ?
= Will my mother be met by you tonight ?

21. Could he solve the sum ?
= Could the sum be solved by him ?

22. Did they show you the gift ?
= Was the gift shown you by them ?

23. Were the girls rehearsing the drama ?
= Was the drama being rehearsed by the girls ?

24. Could you help me ?
= Could I be helped by you ?

25. Are you selling the vegetables ?
= Are the vegetables being sold by you ?

26. Have they told the matter of that girl ?
= Has the matter of that girl been told by them ?

27. Was I taking a cup of tea with them ?
= Was a cup of tea being taken by me with them ?

28. Does he know it ?
= Is it known to him ?

29. Does she prefer coffee ?
= Is coffee preferred by her ?

30. Will they ask her the questions now ?
= Will the question be asked her by them now ?


1. Was the speech being delivered by the chief guests ?
= Was the chief guests delivering the speech ?

2. Is the colour red liked by Rinchi ?
= Does Rinchi like the colour red ?

3. Were the flowers being watered by the girls ?
= Were the girls watering the flowers ?  


The questions that can not be answered with the words 'yes' or 'no' are called Wh questions.
The questions that start with the wh question words are called Wh questions . The Wh question words are :- What, Which, Who, Whom, When, Why, Where, How etc.


  • Who is your father ?
  • Where do you live ?
  • What is your father ?
If the active voice belongs to the Wh-question of the Imperative sentence, it is changed into passive voice as given below.

1. Where do they play cricket ?
= Where is cricket played by them ?

2. How did you solve the sum ?
= How was the sum solved by you ?

3. What are you doing ?
= What is being done by you ?

4. What are they playing ?
= What is being played by them ?

5. How will you solve the problem ?
= How will the problem be solved by you ?

6. Where will she meet me ?
= Where shall I be met by her ?

7. Which book did you present her in her birthday ?
=  Which book was she presented by you in her birthday ?

8. Which game do you like most ?
= Which game is liked by you most ?

9. When were the girls watering the flowers ?
= When were the flowers being watered by the girls ?

10.Whom did you tell the matter ?
=  Whom was told the matter by you ?

11.How can she sing it so well ?
= How it can be sung so well by her ?

12.Which festival does she like most ?
= Which festival is liked by you most ?

13.What is the student writing on the blackboard ?
= What is being written by the student on the blackboard ?

14. How many books did you give her ?
= How many books were given her by you ?

15. When do you  play cricket ?
= When is cricket played by you ?

16. Why did you not tell me the matter ?
= Why was I not told the matter by you ?


1. How much money was expected by Lencho in the letter from God.
= How much money did Lencho expect in the letter from God ?

2. How many questions were you asked in the interview ?
= How many questions did the interviewer ask you in the interview.

3. Which word could not be uttered by her ?
= Which word could she not utter ?

4. Which festival is liked by you most ?
= Which festival do you like most ?

5. How has the question been answered by you ?
= How have you answered the question ?

6. Why was such an honourable job refused by your father ?
= Why did your father refuse such an honourable job ?

7. When was her father arrested ?
= When did the police arrest her father ?

8. What will be presented by her in the meeting ?
= What will she present in the meeting ?

 The active voice starting with the word ' Who ' , is changed into passive voice as given below .

1. Who told you the matter ?
= By whom was you told the matter ?

2. Who has broken the glass of the 
window ?
= By whom has the glass of the window been broken ?

3. Who will tell her the matter ?
= By whom will she be told the matter ?

4. Who will receive the guest ?
= By whom will the guest be received ?

5. Who posted the letters to that address ?
= By whom were the letters posted to that address ?

6. Who will preside over the meeting ?
= By whom will the meeting be presided over ?

7. Who plays cricket on the bank of the river ?
= By whom was cricket played on the bank of the river ?

8. Who received the letters ? 
= By whom was the letter received ?

9. Who has delivered the speech so nicely in the meeting ?
= By whom has the speech been delivered so nicely in the meeting ?

10. Who must do it by this evening ?
= By whom must it be done by the evening ?

11. Who was cooking rice for the guests ?
= By whom was rice being cooked for the guests ?

12.Who liked her singing very much ?
= By whom was her singing being liked very much ?

13. Who saw them playing cricket on the bank of the public pond ?
= By whom was they seen playing cricket on the bank of the public pond ?

14. Who could manage him within  a second ?
= By whom could he be managed within a second?

15. Who will compromise with him ?
=  By whom will he be compromised with ?

16. Who can trust a liar ?
= By whom can a liar be trusted ?

17. Who laughed at them ?
= By whom were they laugh at ?

18. Who wrote the letter so illegibly ?
= By whom was the letter written so illegibly ?

19. Who requested you to help me ?
= By whom were you requested to help me ?

20. Who can not but love her ?
= By whom can she be not but loved ?  

21. Who can tolerate this ?
= By whom this can be tolerated ?

22. Who was delivering the speech ?
= By whom was the speech being delivered ?


a. By whom is the wall being painted ?
= Who is painting the wall.

b. By whom will my car being repaired ?
= Who will be repairing my car ?

c. By whom can the stars be counted ?
= Who can count the stars ?

d. By whom has the story been written ?
= Who has written the story ?

e. By whom was she made angry ?
= Who made her angry ?

f. By whom can this voice be changed ?
= Who can change this voice ?


1.  Did She deal in coffee ?
2. Will you fill in the blanks ?
3. How can I help you ?
4. What are you telling ?
5. Who will trust you again ?
6. Are the girls telling the truth ?
7. What was the teacher teaching them ?


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