Bank letters , Dormant Account

  Q. Write a letter to the bank manager to active a dormant account. To The Branch Manager HDFC  Bank, Jorhat Jorhat 21st May, 2022 Sub :- Application to active a dormant account. Sir   I am very sorry to state you that I have a saving account in your bank. My A/c no is - 200056564733. It has been blocked due to non transaction for a few years. I had been out of the town for a few years . Therefore I could not transact in my account. Now I would like to continue my account. Therefore, I kindly request you to active my dormant account at an early date. Thank you Yours most faithfully Rabin Prasad Q. Write a letter to the bank manager to stop ATM service in your account. To The Branch Manager HDFC  Bank, Jorhat Jorhat 21st May, 2022 Sub :- Application to stop ATM service Sir   I am very sorry to state you that I have lost my ATM card on 20th May 2022 in the morning while going Sivasagar to Jorhat by bus. My debit card no is - 4567 5643 3456 and my saving account no is- 20003452815 . Ther


Most Common Questions For H S L C  Examination 2023   Who wrote a letter to God and Why ? = Lencho wrote a letter to God. Lencho wrote a letter to God seeking one hundred pesos because his cornfield was totally destroyed in the hailstorm. Why did Lencho write the second letter to God ? = Lencho wrote the second letter to God to complain Him against the post office employees and seeking the rest thirty pesos.   Why did Lencho go out in the rain ? = Lencho went out in the rain for no other reason than to have the pleasure of feeling the rain on his body.  Describe the destruction caused by the hailstones in Lencho's fields.   = In the hailstorm all the corns of Lencho was totally destroyed . The flowers were gone from the plants and even not a leaf remained on the trees. After all, the hailstorm brought a total destruction to the corn field of Lencho. How did the postmaster collect the money to send to Lencho? = It was not so possible for the postmaster to collect one hundred pesos a

G K on Important Books

1. Who authored the book "Wake up India" ? = Annie Besant 2. ' Broken Wings ' is written by which writer ? = Sarojini Naidu  3. " Train to the Pakistan " is authored by - = Khushwant Singh 4. Who authored the book " Land of Five Rivers " ? = Khushwant Singh 5. " The God of Small Things " is written by - = Arundhati Roy 6. " The Company of Women " is written by ? =  Khushwant Singh 7. Who authored the book " The end of India " =  Khushwant Singh 8. Who authored the book " Listening to grass Hoppers " ? = Arundhati Roy 9. 'A Century is Not Enough' is an autobiography of - = Sourabh Gangully 10. " Why I am the Atheist " is the autobiography of- = Bhagat Singh 11. Name the autobiography of Sania Mirza = ACE Against Odds 12. Who wrote the book " A Suitable Boy "  =Vikram Seth 13. Who wrote the book " A Suitable Girl " ? = Vikram Seth 14.  Name the autobiography of Jawaharlal N

Miscellaneous G k for all competitive Exams

G K On The Passes Where is Karakoram Mountain Pass situated ? = Ladakh Niti Pass is situated in which state of India ? = Uttarakhand Rohtang Pass is situated in which state ? = Himachal Pradesh  Which pass connects Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar ? = Dihang Pass Which pass connects Arunachal and Tibet ? = Bom Di La Pipli Ghat Mountain Pass is situated in which mountain range ? = Aravali Which Mountain Pass connects the states Shimla and Tibet ? = Shipki La Pass Which pass connects Sikim and Tibet ? = Jelep La Which Mountain Pass connects Srinagar and Gilgit ? = Burzil Pass Which two countries are connected by the Tuju Mountain Pass ? = India and Myanmar Where is the Ziji-La Mountain Pass situated ? = Ladakh Likhjapani  Mountain Pass is situated in which state of India ? = Arunachal Pradesh Which pass connects Leh and Siachen glacia ? = Khardung La Name the India's highest Mountain Pass. = Karakoram Mountain Pass What is the new name of Rohtang Pass Tunnel ? = Atal Bihari Vajpayee Tun

G. K. Indian History

1. When was the ' Quit India Movement " launched by Gandhi ? = In the year 1942 2. By what other name is the ' Quit India Movement '  known ? = August Kranti ( 8 August 1942 ) 3. In which movement did  Gandhi use the slogan ' Do or die ' ? = In the   ' Quit India Movement ' 4. In the absence of Gandhi, the Quit India Movement had been led by  = Aruna Asaf Ali 4. Where was the Quit India Movement started ? = The Quit India Movement was started from Bombay 5. Meerabai belonged to = Rajasthan 6. Motilal Nehru established Swaraj Party after the failure of = Non-co-operation movement 7. Who said first " Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it ? = Bal Gangadhar Tilak 8. Mahatma Gandhi was referred to as the ' Father of Nation ' first by  = Subhas Ch. Bose 9. " East is East, West is West and never twin shall meet " Who said this word ? = Adolf  Hitler 10. Who is called the heroine of the Quit India Movement ? = Aruna Asaf Ali 11. Wh

Important GK on Science

Most Important General Science GK 1) Which of the following is the best conductor of heat. a. Water b. Leather c. Mercury d. Wood Ans:- c. Mercury 2) Which of the following is the shortest unit of length. a. Fermimeter b. Nanometer  c. Lactometer d. Micron Ans:- a. Fermimeter 3)Which part of the animal cell is called powerhouse ? a. Cell wall b. Entire cell c. Nucleus d. Mitochondria Ans:- d. Mitochondria 4)Vitamin A is stored in human body. a. Skin b. heart c. Liver d. Eye Ans:- c. Liver 5)Sun loving trees are called as a. Saprophytes b. Heliophytes c. Halophytes d. Xerophytes Ans:- b. Heliophytes 6) Curie is the unit of : a. Temperature b, Energy c. Heat d. Radioactivity. Ans:- d. Radioactivity. 7)Name the device which directly converts solar energy into electrical energy ? a. Dry Cell b. Photovolatic cell c. Galvanic cell d. None of the above Ans:- b. Photovolatic cell 8)What is the heat of human body in Celcious ? a. 45 b. 35 c. 37 d. 40 Ans:- c. 37 9)How many bones present in huma

G K on Assamese Literature and Culture

 1. Who is the first Assamese writer nominated for " Man Asian Literary Prize 2011' ? = Jahnovi Barua 2. The smallest book written by Shankardev is = Gunamala 3. Who is the father of Assamese story ? = Bhattadev  4. The first Civil servant from Assam was = Anandaram Barua 5. What was the name of the first Assamese colour film ? = Bhaity 6. The first Assamese printed book was = Dharma Pustak by Atmaram Sarma (1813) 7. The first Assamese daily newspaper was = Dainik Batori 8. The first Film Fare award winning Assamese singer is = Parbin Sultana 9. Who is the author of Pita Putra = Homen Borgohain 10. Who is the author of Darrang Rajbangshavalli ? = Surjyakhari Daivagya 11. The first poetical work of Shankardev is = Harichandra Upakhyan 12. The first work from Madhavdev was = Janma Rahashya 13. Who was the first editor of Arunodoi ? = Nathan Brown 14. In the year 2011 the Padmashree award was conferred on = Mahim Bora 15. In which year was Dr. Bhupen Hazarika awarded Dada Saheb P