Self introduction

            Self Introduction

How to give self introduction in an interview. A student has to say the following things in a school interview or in an assembly. A student's personality reflects in his / her self introduction. So one should be very carefull while giving his or her self introduction.

Hello everybody good morning / Good morning to all of you present here / hello sir/ madam good morning.

1. Myself Dipak Boruah.
    I am Dipak Boruah
    My name is Dipak Boruah

2. My father's name is ..............
3. My mother's name is ............

4. I live in Charaideo.
    I am from Charaideo.
     I belong to Charaideo
     I dwell at Tengapukhuri

5. I read in class x .
    I am a student of class x

6. My ambition is to become a good teacher.
   I want to be a good teacher in my life.
   My aim in life is to be a good engineer.

7. My hobby is gardening.
    My hobbies are singing, dancing and playing.

8. My ideal person is my father.

That's all about myself thank you.

What questions may ask in a school interview.

1. What's your name ?
= My name is Ratan Sharma.

2. Where do you come from ?
= I come from Nazira.

3.Where do you live in ?
= I live at Nazira.

4. What is your father's name?
= Mr Boruah is my father.

5. What is your mother's name?
= Mrs Boruah is my mother.

6. What is your father?
= My father is a teacher.

7. What is your mother ?
= My mother is a housewife.

8. How old are you?
= I am a twelve years old.

9. Which class do you read in ?
= I read in class vi .

10. Where is your school ?
= Our school is in Sivasagar.

11. Who is the principal of your school ?
= Mr Robin Bora is the principal of our school.

12. How many students are there in your school?
= There are about 300 students in our school ?

13. Who is your favourite teacher?
= My favourite teacher is Mr Rakesh Chakial.

14. Which is your favourite subject?
= English is my favourite subject.

15. Who teaches you english in the school ?
= Mr Rakesh Chakial teaches us English.

16. What is your hobby ?
= My hobby is gardening.

17. Who is your favourite Singer ?
= My favourite singer is Antony Gunjalwes.

18. Which is your favourite song ?
= 'It's the nothing ' is my favourite song.

19. What is your favourite festival ?
= Bihu is my favourite festival.

20. Which is your favourite animal ?
= Dog is my favourite animal.

21. How many letters are there in the word 'english' ?
= There are seven letters in the word 'english' .

22. How many months are there in a year ?
= There are twelve months in a year.

23. Which is the first month of the english year ?
= January is the first month of the year.

24. Which is the last month of the english year ?
= December is the last month of the year.

25. How many seasons are there in the year ?
= There are four seasons in the year.

26. Which is your favourite season ? 
= Spring is my favourite season.

27. How many colours are there in a rainbow ?
= There are seven colours in a rainbow.

28. When do you get up in the morning ?
= I get up at 4:30 in the morning.

 29. When do you take your breakfast ?
= I take my breakfast at 7:30 am.

30. Do you watch television ?
= Yes, I do /
= No, I don't

31. What do you watch in the telivision ?
= I watch cartoon in the television.

32. How do you go to school ?
= I go to school on foot.
= I go to school in a car.

33. Tell me the name of your district.
= The mane of my district is Sivasagar.

34. Who is the deputy comissioner of your district ?
= Nibedan Das Patowary is the deputy comissioner of our district.

35. What is your ambition ?
= My ambition is to become an IPS officer.

36. Why do you want to be a doctor ?
= Because I want to serve the country.

37. Do you have a facebook or insta account ?
= Yes sir, I have an insta account.

38. What is your favourite place ?
= My favourite place is Goa.

39. Have you ever been to Goa ?
= Yes sir.

40. How many times have you been to Goa ?
= I have been to Goa once.

41. With whom did you go to Goa ?
= I went to Goa with my parents.

42. What is the national bird of India ?
= Peacock is the national bird of India.

43. What is the national animal of India ?
= Tiger is the national animal of India.

44. What is the national fruit of India ?
= Mango is the national fruit of India.


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