APPLICATIONS 1) Write an application to the Headmaster of your school praying for half leave. To The Headmaster Gargaon High School Gargaon- 785685 27th July 2021 Sub:- Application for half leave Sir With due regards as well as humble submission I would like to state you that I would not be able to attend my classes right from the next class due to my severe headache. Therefore, I kindly request you to grant me leave for those remaining periods. Yours most obedient pupil Rupak Sharma Class-IX  Roll no- 5 2) Write an application to the principal of your college asking him for leave of absence. To The Principal M.G.M Junior College Gargaon 29th July, 2021 Sub:- Application for leave of absence. Sir With due respect I would like to state you that I shall not be able to attend my classes for four days from 1st August to 4th August 2021 on account of the marriage ceremony of my elder brother.               Therefore, I kindly request you to grant me leave of absence for


 1) EXAMPLE IS BETTER THAN PERCEPT        It is very easy to advise someone but very difficult to perform it physically. The proverb " Example is better than percept " means that it is better to show something in action than merely advising others. We should be example to others when doing good and should not be a man of mere words. Most people who advise others are not the followers of their own advice. When we give advice to someone, we should first introspect ourselves. It is better to act as an example than to give advice. If a drunkard advises someone about of the evils of drinking, no one would follow his words. But if an honest man speaks about honesty, everybody will be convinced of it. This is because people see others through their actions. So, it is always good to be an example of what you say or advice. 2) ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY         The ancient city Rome, was not built in a day. Rome evolved to be one of the most glorious and admirable cities in the world


1. Give short answer of the following questions. a) Who is the author of the prose-piece ' Lost Spring ' ? = The author of the prose-piece ' Lost Spring' is Anees Jung. b) Name the place which is famous for its bangles. = The place Firozabad is famous for its bangles. c) What does the 'garbage' mean for the elders of Seemapuri ? = For the elders of Seemapuri the garbage is a means of survival. d) Who is Mukesh? = Mukesh is a child labour of a bangle making family of Firozabad. e)Where was Saheb originally hail from? = Saheb was originally hail from Dhaka of Bangladesh. f) What does Mukesh want to be ? = Mukesh wants to be a motor mechanic. g) What is Lost Spring about ? = Lost spring is about those innocent children who have to lose their spring days of childhood due to the poverty of their families. h) Where does Mukesh live ? = Mukesh live in Firozabad town, the centre of glass-blowing industry of India. i) What has killed all initiative and ability to dream ?

Tea From Assam

1)State whether the following statements are true or false. a) Tea came to Europe only in the sixteenth century and was drunk more as medicine than as beverage. = True b)Tea came to Europe only in the eighteenth century and was drunk more as beverage than as medicine. = False c) Pranjol and Rajvir were going to Assam. = True d) According to Rajvir over seventy crores cups of tea are drunk everyday throughout the world. = False e) The tea - bushes and densely wooded hills presented a dull view. = False f) The Chinese emperor always boiled soup before drinking it. = False g) Bodhidharma cut off his eyelids to avoid feeling sleepy during meditations. = True h) Tea was drunk as a herb in Europe. = True i) Mr. Barua was Rajvir father. = False j) Tea was first taste in china as far back as 2700 BC. = True 2) Give short answer of the following questions. 1) Who wrote the prose - piece, "Tea from Assam" ? = Arup Kumar Datta wrote the prose - piece " Tea from Assam" . 2) Who

The Last Lesson. Question answer of the last lesson. Ncrt solutions The Last Lesson. Important questions of the Last Lesson

              THE LAST LESSON Give Short Answer of the following questions. a) Who is the writer of the prose piece "  The Last Lesson " ? = Alphonse Daudet is the writer of the      prose piece " The Last Lesson " . b) " I started for school very late that morning. " Who is the 'I' here ? = Here the 'I' is little Franz. c) Who was M. Hamel ? = M. Hamel was a French teacher of little Franz's school. d) Where were the birds chirping ? = The birds were chirping at the edge of woods. e) Where were the prussians soldiers drilling ? = The prussians soldiers were drilling in the open field back of the Sawmill. f) Who was defeated in the Franco - Prussian War ? = The Prussian defeated France in the Franco - Prussian War. g) Where was the bulletin board ? = The bulletin board was at the town hall. h) Name the blacksmith mentioned in the prose piece  ' The Last Lesson ' . = Wachter is the blacksmith mentioned in the prose piece ' The

Abdul kalam

                    MY CHILDHOOD Q) Say whether the following statements are true or false a) Abdul kalam was born at Rameswaram in Madras. = True b) Abdul Kalam came of a very poor family. = False c) Kalam's father possessed innate wisdom and a true of generosity. = True d) Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry was the son of Ramanadha Sastry. =False e) Abdul Kalam studied at Rameswaram Elementary School. =True f) The new teacher could not tolerate a Hindu priest's son sitting with a Muslim boy. =True g) The society of Rameswaram was not rigid in terms of the segregation of various groups. = False h) Children can't be given 'thoughts' by parents. = True 1) Answer the following questions. a) Name the autobiography of Abdul Kalam. = The name of the autobiography of Abdul Kalam is ' Wings of Fire ' . b) Who was Abdul kalam's mother? = Abdul kalam's mother was Ashiamma. c) Who was Abdul Kalam's father? = Abdul Kalam's father was Jainulabdeen. d) When did The

The Midnight visitor

 Q) Briefly describe how Ausable defeat Max's scheme to take away the report. = Ausable was a secret agent who stayed in  a  French   hotel. On  the  other  hand Max  also  was  a   gypsy   who   entered Ausable's     room     without    Ausable's knowledge   to    have    the     important document     concerning     some      new missiles. Max entered his room with the help of  a  passkey. As   soon as   Ausable meets   Max   he  began  to  give  a   long lecture about   the   balcony. He tried  to make  Max   believe   that   there   was a balcony     behind     the     window.   But actually   there   was   not   any   balcony behind the window  against  which   the night   was   pressing   quickly.  Ausable took out  the  matter  about the window in  their conversation  again  and  again. At last  Max  began to take it true. When the  door  was knocked   at  by  a  waiter, Ausable told  him  that there  might be a police. Max believed it and went to the window to  hide