It is very easy to advise someone but very difficult to perform it physically. The proverb " Example is better than percept " means that it is better to show something in action than merely advising others. We should be example to others when doing good and should not be a man of mere words. Most people who advise others are not the followers of their own advice. When we give advice to someone, we should first introspect ourselves. It is better to act as an example than to give advice. If a drunkard advises someone about of the evils of drinking, no one would follow his words. But if an honest man speaks about honesty, everybody will be convinced of it. This is because people see others through their actions. So, it is always good to be an example of what you say or advice.


        The ancient city Rome, was not built in a day. Rome evolved to be one of the most glorious and admirable cities in the world, and it took ages for such a progress. So the proverb ' Rome was not built in a day ' is rightly said and is an expression that communicates the power of hard work, patience and determination in achieving such a triumph or making a dream come true.

                    When we too dream big we need to make some move and continue making progress in the same direction. It is not wise to give up on the way. In life every success and achievement will take time but if we determine to achieve something we are definitely going to win. We just need to move ahead with positive outlook.


         The meaning of this wise saying is that as the morning predicts the nature of atmosphere of the day; the inner qualities of a man may also best be understood in his childhood. If we analysis the life history of a great man, we will realise the truth of this saying. The person is Swami Vivekananda. He was the most talked about personality of our age. He stands as the best example of this proverbs. We have heard many stories about his early childhood courage, his orator power, his powerful concentration. Besides him there are so many great men whose childhood were bright and proves this wise saying.

4) A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO                                    MOSS

         " A rolling stone gathers no moss " is a popular proverb and it has great meaning. We know that a rolling stone can never collect any moss due to rubbing with soil. Similarly, a man who often changes his business and never settles himself into anything special can not succeed in life. To wear a crown of success, a person must stick to a fixed job for a long time. A person with a fickle mind can never do anything great or remarkable in this world. People do not trust the man who always changes his decision. Nobody can depend on such a man. Success always runs after a man who is restless and fixes his mind in a certain work. So , from this wise saying we have come to know that we should not change our decission one to another again and again.


        This often used proverb express a very good meaning. It is well applicable in our day to day life. This proverb means that excess of everything is not good. We should avoid it. For example; it is good to love a child but if we love him too much, he is likely to be spoilt. Nutritious food is good for our health, but excess taking nutritious food is bad for our health. Similarly, exercise is essential for our health, but over exercise will tell upon our health. So, we should avoid too much of everything. We should always steer the middle course. Moderation in everything is the safest course in life. The key of lasting happines is to keep within bounds and discipline one's life.


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