Important GK on Science

Most Important General Science GK

1) Which of the following is the best conductor of heat.
a. Water
b. Leather
c. Mercury
d. Wood

Ans:- c. Mercury

2) Which of the following is the shortest unit of length.
a. Fermimeter
b. Nanometer 
c. Lactometer
d. Micron
Ans:- a. Fermimeter

3)Which part of the animal cell is called powerhouse ?
a. Cell wall
b. Entire cell
c. Nucleus
d. Mitochondria

Ans:- d. Mitochondria

4)Vitamin A is stored in human body.
a. Skin
b. heart
c. Liver
d. Eye

Ans:- c. Liver

5)Sun loving trees are called as
a. Saprophytes
b. Heliophytes
c. Halophytes
d. Xerophytes

Ans:- b. Heliophytes

6) Curie is the unit of :
a. Temperature
b, Energy
c. Heat
d. Radioactivity.

Ans:- d. Radioactivity.

7)Name the device which directly converts solar energy into electrical energy ?
a. Dry Cell
b. Photovolatic cell
c. Galvanic cell
d. None of the above

Ans:- b. Photovolatic cell

8)What is the heat of human body in Celcious ?
a. 45
b. 35
c. 37
d. 40

Ans:- c. 37

9)How many bones present in human ears ?
a. 5
b. 4
c. 6
d. 3

Ans:- 6

10)What is the heat of human body in Fahrenheit ?
a. 87
b. 98.5
c. 98.6
d. 97.5

Ans :- c. 98.6

11)What is the hearing range of human ear ?
a. 20 Hz to 20000 Hz
b. 20 Hz to 22000 Hz
c. 200 Hz to 20000 Hz
d. None of the above

Ans:- b. 20 Hz to 22000 Hz 

12)What is the SI unit of Torque ?
a. Curie 
b. Newton Meter
c. Pascal
d. Meter

13) Decibel is the SI unit of :-
a. Time
b. Sound
c. Power
d. Work

Ans:-b. Sound

14) Which type of mirror is used in automobiles to see the traffic on the rear side ?
a. Plane mirror
b. Convex mirror
c. Concave Mirror
d. None of the above

Ans:-  b. Convex mirror

15. Mycology is the study of

a. Animals
b. Birds
c. Fungi
d. Insects

Ans;- c. Fungi 

16. ' Quinine ' is obtained from

a. Banyan
b. Eucalyptus
c. Cichorium
d. Cinchona

Ans:- d. Cinchona

17. Orchids are
a. Heterotrophs
b. Autotrophs
c. Saprotrophs
d. All the above

Ans:- b. Autotrophs

18. Which of the following one is the strongest muscle of the body ?

a. Wrist
b. Thigh
c. Jaw
d. Finger

Ans:- Jaw

19. The total number of muscle in the body of a man is .
a. 606
c. 625
d. 603

Ans:- 606

20. Genes are found in 

a. Lysosome
b. Chromosome
c. Centrosome
d. All the above

Ans:- Chromosome

21. Cell wall is not found in

a. Animal cell
b. Birds cell
c. Human cell
d. Fish cell

Ans:- Animal cell

22. Jaundice is a disease of

a. Cancer
b. diabetes
c. Liver
d. Brain

Ans:- Liver

23. Life of R. B. C. in human blood is of
a. 45 days
b. 80 days
c. 120 days
d. 50 days

Ans:- 120 days

24. A normal adult man has a blood volume of 
a. 4-5 litres
b.5-6 liters
c. 3-5 liters
6-7 liters

Ans:- 5-6 liters

25. Decrease in white blood cells results in
a. Decrease in anti-bodies
b. Increase in antigens
c. Increase in anti-bodies
d. No change

Ans:- Decrease in anti-bodies

26. People in India suffer from anemia due to the lack of
a. Calcium
b. Oxygen
c. Iron
d. Vitamin
Ans:- c. Iron

27. The study of nerve deals with
a. Urology
b. Pathology
c. Cardiology
d. Neurology

Ans:- Neurology

28. Mammary glands are found only in
a. Birds
b. Fishes
c. Mammals
d. Human

Ans:- Mammals

30. Which of the following elements is common to all acids ?
a. Carbon
b. Oxygen
c. Hydrogen
d. Sulphur

Ans:- c. Hydrogen

31. To complete one heart beat the time taken is 
a. 1 sec
b. 2 sec
c. 05 sec
d. 08 sec

Ans:- d. 08 sec

32. Male sex hormone is 
= Testosterone

33. Female sex hormone is
= Estrogen

34. Insulin is a kind of 
= Hormone

35. Which hormone is called emergency hormone ?
=  Adrenaline Hormone


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