Make sentence for HSLC

 Make sentences with the following

1. H.S.L.C.  (1998)

a) Take over:- The charge of the meeting has been taken over to him.

b) As well as

c) Come round:- May Rani come round                                  soon from her illness.

d)No sooner than:- No sooner had she                                          seen me than she                                            began to weep.

e) Fall out:- Pahi and I fell out after a                              long argument.

f) In no time:- You must be here in no                                  time.

2. H.S.L.C.    (1999)

a) Make out:- She made me out the sum.

b) For good:- He will give up smoking for good.

c) Neither...nor:-  I like neither coffee                                         nor tea.

d) Run over:- The little boy ran over the dead snake.

e) At times :- At times I feel very lonely.

f) As soon as:- Do it as soon as possible.

3. H.S.L.C    (2000)

a) In no time:-  You must be here in no                                   time.

b) Bring up:- She was brought up in a                               village.

c) Pass away:- Her grandfather passed                               away in 2017.

d) Set up        :- They are going to set up                                the proposed school in                                  the heart of the village.

e) As soon as:- I shall do it as soon as                                   possible.

f) None but:-   None but Raju was                                         present there.

4.H.S.L.C    (2002)

a) In black and white:- I wouldn't move an inch until I get it in black and white.

b) Get rid of:-Finally I got rid of this problem.

c) Turn up:- Rekha does not like people                           turning up.

d) Stand by:- She is always ready to stand by you in my absence.

e) Break out:- Small pox broke out in                                  this village last year.

f) Take down :- Take it down now.

5.HS.L.C.     (2003)

a) Look into:- The officers were                                            mobilised to look into the                            matter.

b) look after:- Look after the old man.

c) By fits and starts:-  You can not do well working by fits and starts.

d) At a loss

e) So far as:- He is right so far as I know.

6. H.S.L.C.      (2004)

a) Keep back:- I shall keep nothing back from you.

b) Take to one's bed

c) On account of:- I could not attend the                                   meeting on account of                                   my illness.

d) Look down upon:- Don't look down                                              upon the poor.

e) Take heart:- Take heart, everything will be fine in time.

f) See off:- She went to the station to see him off.

7. H.S.L.C.   (2005)

a) Get off:- I saw her when she was getting off the bus.

b) Set up:-  She set herself up as an                                interior designer.

c) Run over:- Don't run over the dead carcases.

d) Call on:- We are going to call on the                            president next week.

e) Make up:- When will you make up your loss in study.

8.H.S.L.C     (2006)

a) Call in:- Call him in now.

b) Take over:- Rajib will take over as the new Secretary.

c) Look into:- Police will look into the                                matter.

d) Give away:- He gave away the                                            mangoes among the girls.

e) Fall out:- Don't fall out among                                      yourselves over a silly                                  matter.

9. H.S.L.C      (2007)

a) Run over:- A cat ran over the                                           sleeping  dog.

b) Turn down:- Why did they turn down your request.

c) Send for:- Told her that I have sent him for.

d) Bring up:- I was brought up in a tea                               garden

e) Go through:- Please go through the book once again.

f) Tell upon:- Hard work told upon his                              health

10. H.S.L.C.     (2008)

a) Look into:- He promised to look into the matter.

b) Make out:- Who will make me out this?

c) In no time:-  You must be here in no time.

d) As soon as:- You will go there as soon as it rains.

e) Look down upon:- You should not look down upon the illiterate.

11. H.S.L.C.   (2009)

a) Send for  :- Her father has sent me for.

b) Tell upon:- Smoking told upon his health.

c) Turn up:- Only a few guest were                                   turned up in the meeting.

d) Run over :- A cat ran over a sleeping                              dog

e) Put up:- I can not put up with it any longer.

12.H.S.L.C.     (2010)

a) Break down:- His health broke down after the death of his son.

b) Give away:- Her father has given away this plot of land for the Namghar.

c) Look after:- They will look after the orphan child.

d) Call on:-He called on the artist yesterday.

e) Sit for:- He will sit for the H.S.L.C examination this year.

13) H.S.L.C.      (2011)

a) Come about:- I don't know how it came about.

b) Give up:- He gave up smoking forever.

c) For Good:- She left the village for good.

d) Black sheep:- I did not know that you were the black sheep of the family.

14) H.S.L.C.   (2012)

a) Nook and corner:- Police searched the thief every nook and corner of the village.

b) Of late:- Of late he does not go there to meet him.

c) With a view to:-He accompanied him with a view to visit the place.

d) Look after:- I will look him after.

15) H.S.L.C.      (2013)

a) Null and void

b) by dint of:-  He got the job by dint of hard labour.

c) With flying colours:-She passed the exams with flying colours.

d) All in all:- All in all the idea is not bad.

16) H.S.L.C.  (2014)

a) Give up :- Give up your bad habits.

b) Call off:- The Assam Bondh has been called off.

c) Get rid of:- When I will get rid of this headache.

17) H.S.L.C.  (2015)

a) In order to:- He went there in order to meet her.

b) All in all:- All in all, the food and lodging of this restaurant is not so bad.

c) Now and then:- Now and then he takes tea.

d) At large:- Rani talked at large about her plans.

18) H.S.L.C.  (2016)

a) Bring up:- Shankardev was brought up by his grandmother.

b) Look for:- She is looking for a good                              job                                            c) Give up:- You must give up smoking.

d) Look after:- He looks after his                                            paralysis father.

19) H.S.L.C. (2017)

a) Give away:- He gave away his hiding place when he accidentally sneezed.

b) Far and wide:- The news of his arrival spread  far and wide.

c) Put out:- This factory puts out 3500 units per day.

d) Turn up:- Many guests were turned up in the meeting.

20) H.S.L.C. (2018)

a) Run over:- A car ran over his leg.

b) Deal in:- She deals in coffee.

c) Carry out:- She finally carried out her lifelong ambition.

d) In order to:- Lencho went out in the rain in order to have the pleasure of falling the rain on his body.

21. H.S.L.C. (2019) 

a) Far and wide:- His fame spreads far and wide.

b) Break out:- A devastating fire broke out in the town last night.

c) Give up:-You must give up over drinking.

d) Fall out:-I do not want to fall out with you.


1) Live up to:- The student failed to live up to his teacher's expectations.

2) Go over :- Go over the paper before printing out.

3) Pick on :- You should not pick him on always.

4) Talk over :- We will talk over the matter and come to a conclusion.

5) Drop out :- Due to his poverty he has to drop out of his school.


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