Q) Choose the meaning of the underlined words from the alternative given in the brackets:

a) They do not sweat and whine about their condition. (sing loudly/complain in an annoying voice/cry in joy)

= Whine = Complain in an annoying voice.

b) I wonder where they get those tokens. (feel happy / feel sorry/ feel very surprised)

= Wonder = Feel very surprised

c) I think I could turn and live with the animals, they are placid and self -contained. (angry / calm and peaceful / harmful)

= Placid = calm and peaceful.

d) Not one is dissatisfied, not one is demented with the mania of owning things. (feeling unhappy / feeling displeased / behaving crazily for being upset)

= Demented = Behaving crazily for being upset

e) They evince them plainly in their possession. (show / express / presents)

= Evince = Show

Q) Write whether the statements are true or false.

a) Walt Whitman composed the poem "Animals".
b) The poem "Animal" is taken from ' Song of Myself' in Leaves of Grass.
c) Animals are the creatures that creat havoc.
= False
d) Animals are not placid.
= False
e) Animals do not weep for their sins.
= True
f) According to the poet, no one amongst the animals are mad for owning things.
= True

1) Who wrote the poem, 'Animal' ?

= Walt Whitman wrote the poem , ' Animal'.

2) What was the wish of the poet ?

= The wish of the poet was to turn his life and to live with the animals.

3) What, according to the poet, do the animals not do regarding their condition?

= According to the poet, the animals do not sweat and whine regarding their condition.

4) What do the animals not do for their sins ?

= The animals do not weep and lie awake in the dark for their sins.

5) Are the animals dissatisfied ?

= No, the animals are not dissatisfied.

6) For what do the animals not demented ?

= The animals do not demented with the mania of owning things.

1) How do the animals accept their condition?

= The animals accept their conditions without sweating and whining. They never complain anyone about it. They are always ready to accept it as it comes.

2) Why does the poet feel more at home with animals?

= The poet feels more at home with  animals because he finds humans complicated and false and on the other hand he finds animals placid and self contained.

3) Mention three things that humans do and animals don't.

= The three things that humans do and animals don't are-
i) Humans sweat and whine about their conditions but animals don't.
ii) Humans lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins but animals don't
iii) Human make others sick discussing their duty to god but animals don't.


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