Write a story expanding the following outlines. Give a suitable title to it.

Q.1) Outline: A beggar pretends to be dumb approaches a gentleman for money...... another beggar comes and tells the gentleman that the first beggar is not dumb...... the first beggar gets angry..... calls the other beggar a liar..... result.


           It was a hot summer noon. A beggar was taking rest sitting under a tree. The beggar was a very lazy one. That day he did not want to go door to door for his food. 

              All of  a  sudden, he saw  a gentleman   passing     by   him . He wanted to have something from the gentleman without doing   hard. He made   a   plan   in   his   mind     and approached    to    the        gentleman pretending to be a dumb . He asked for some money from the gentleman by   making a    pitiful   gesture. The gentleman was a kind hearted person. He took pity on him and wanted to give him something.

         When he was going to give him a fifty rupee note, another beggar who was observing the whole incident from a distance rushed to them and told   the   gentleman   that   the first beggar is not a dumb. The first beggar got angry with the second beggar and scolded him as a liar in front of the gentleman. Then the gentleman came to know the real matter and scolded the first beggar for his trickery.

Q.2) Outline : A rickshaw puller returns home at night ----- finds a purse in his rickshaw ---- opens it ---- a lot of money and a card with owner's name ---- immediately returns it ----- offered a reward ---- rickshaw puller declines saying --- " I have done my duty."


        There was a rickshaw puller in the city Udaypur. He lived with his wife and two children. He was very happy to live with his family. He was a very hardworking person. He went out early in the morning and return home late at night.

          It was a late winter night, while he was just to return home, all of a sudden he noticed a purse lying on the back seat of his rickshaw. He picked it up and opened it. He found a lot of money in the purse along with an identity card of the owner. The rickshaw puller was a honest person. He decided to return the purse to its owner.

            Next day early in the morning he found out the address of the owner of the purse with the help of the identity card, and returned it to him. The owner of the purse was very glad to have his purse back. He thanked him a lot and praised his honesty. He offered a one thousand rupee note to him as a reward. The rickshaw puller did not accept his reward, but just told him that he had done only his duty

Q.3) Outline : A rich man's watch stolen by one of the servants ---- gives each servant a stick of equal length saying " the thief's stick will grow an inch longer tomorrow" ----- thief cuts an inch from the stick ----- is caught.


             Once  there  lived  a  well-to-do person in a village named Madhupur. He was a kind hearted person. He lived with his four servants. He loved them very much. They too loved him a lot.

        One day a miracle took place in the house. The miracle was that the golden wrist watch of the rich man which his mother gave him on her death-bed as the memory of his father, was stolen by one of his servants. When the rich man came to know the matter, he was very upset. He told them to confess their guilty , but no one came forward. So he made a plan in his mind to find out the real culprit.

         To the night he sent them for to him and gave each of them a stick of equal length and then told them that the sticks given to them were the magic sticks and the thief's stick would grow an inch longer that night. The thief who exactly stole the watch took it true, and he cut off an inch of his stick the same night.   The   next   day   early   in   the morning when the rich man observed their sticks, he could easily find out the real culprit, and gave him due punishment.

Q.4) Outline : Two friends travelling through a forest....a bear coming towards climbed up a tree..,the other fell flat as dead..... bear smelt his body and left him unhurt.....the first man came down and asked what the bear had whispered into his ears.

                      A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

         Once there lived two fast friends in a village named Ratanpur. They were very close to each other. They shared everything with each other. One day both of them decided to go to a town far away from their village in search of a job. 

            Next day early in the morning they started their journey. On the way they had to across a dense forest full of ferocious animals. While they were going through the forest talking something, all of a sudden they noticed a bear coming towards them. They were frightened to see the bear. One of them knew how to climbed up a tree. He climbed up a nearby tree to save his life without giving a thought to his friend's life. The other friend became helpless. He did not know what to do. But he was an intelligent one. He knew it well that a bear never hurts a dead one. So, he made a plan in his mind and fell flat as dead under the tree. The bear came to the tree . It smelt all over his body and left him unhurt. After the departure of the bear, the friend came down the tree and asked him what the bear had whispered into his ears. He told him that the bear advised him not to believe a friend who leaves his friend in his distress.

Q.5) Outline:- A woodcutter cutting a tree near a river..... axe fell into water ..... began to weep ..... the water god appeared with a golden axe .., wood cutter refuse ..... the god returned with a silver axe .... wood cutter refused ...... the god came back with his own ..... the wood cutter received it gladly ..... the god gave him all three .


        Once there lived a poor wood cutter in an old village of Rangpur. He lived with his wife and two children. Though he was poor, he was very happy with his family. He went out early in the morning to the forest to collect fire wood and sold them door to door in the afternoon.

          One day when he was cutting a big tree nearby a river, unfortunately, his axe slipped and fell into the river. The river was very deep and he did not know how to swim. He was very upset to lose his axe. He had no other axe except that one. Without his exe he can not feed up his family. He became helpless and did not know what to do but cry.

            When he was crying sitting on the bank of the river, the water god appeared in front of him with a golden axe and asked him whether it was his lost axe. The wood cutter refused and began to cry bitterly saying "no no". The water god dived into the water and came out with a silver axe. This time again he refused it. The water god again dived into the water and came out with his axe. This time he was very glad to see his axe and cried out happily , " That one was mine , that was mine. " . The water god was pleased at his honesty and presented him all the three axes.

Outline: A blind, old lady promises to pay the doctor handsomely if she is cured... but nothing, if not cured ... the doctor begins treatment and takes away all her furniture one by one... the lady is cured .... the doctor demands fees .... she refused saying she cannot see her furniture. 

The Dishonest Doctor

          There was a old lady in a village named  Ratanpur. She lived in a beautiful house by herself. She had no one to take care of her. One day while she was doing her household activities, some chemical fell in her eyes and she lost her eyesight. Next day she called in a doctor and promised to pay him handsomely if he could restore her eyesight. But nothing if he could not cure her blindness. The doctor was agree to her words.

            Right from the next day the doctor started her treatment coming to her house. The house of the old lady was furnished with rich and costly furniture. The doctor was a greedy one. He could not resist his temptation to see the furniture. He began to take away the rich and costly furniture of the old lady one by one each day he came to treat her.

             After a few weeks the old lady was cured and the doctor demanded her his fees. The old lady was really cured; she could see everything. But did not see her own furniture. She understood the trick of the doctor and so she said the doctor that she was still blind. Because she could not see her own furniture. The doctor was ashamed of himself and left the place without a word.

Moral : Tit for tat

Outline: The lion, king of beasts kills many animals - all animals terrified - hold a meeting - decided to send one animal to the lion everyday - lions agrees - the turn of the hare - arrives late - tells there is another lion in the forest - wanted to seize and kill him - hare takes the lion to a deep well - the lion sees his reflection - thinks there is another lion in the well - jumps in.


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