Q) Where did the friends of the little Swallow go ? Where had he stayed ?
= The friends of the little Swallow went to Egypt and he had stayed behind in his country.

Q) Why do the courtiers call the prince ' The Happy Prince' ? Is he really happy ? What does he see all around him ?
= The courtiers call the prince ' The Happy Prince' because when he was alive and had a human heart he did not know what tears were and sorrow was not allowed to enter the place he lived in. All the people in his state were very happy and wealthy.

           No, now he is not really happy. All around him , he sees troubles and sorrows of his people.

Q) Why does the Happy Prince send a ruby for the seamstress ? Why does the swallow do in the seamstress house ?
= The seamstress was very poor and her face was thin and worn. She was embroidering flowers on a satin grown for the loveliest of the Queen's maids of honour, to wear at the following court ball. She had coarse, red hands, all pricked by the needle. In a bed in the corner of the room her son was lying ill and was asking her to give him oranges. She had nothing to give him but river water. So, the Happy Prince sends a ruby for the seamstress.

                 In the seamstress house the swallow laid the great ruby on the table beside the woman's thimble. Then, he flew gently round the bed, fanning the boy's forehead with his wings.

Q) What does the swallow see when it flies over the city ?
= When the swallow flies over the city, he sees the rich making merry in their beautiful houses and the beggars sitting at the gates. When she flies into dark lanes, he sees the white faces of starving children looking out listlessly at the black streets. Under the archway of a bridge he sees two little boys lying in each other's arms to try and keep themselves warm.

Q) Why did the Swallow not leave the prince and go to Egypt ?
= The heart of the Happy Prince was very soft. He could not see the sufferings of his people. He helped them by giving his valuable things. He even donated his eyes which was made of rare sapphires to help his people and at last he became very poor and totally blind. The Swallow took pity on him and so decided not to leave him and go to Egypt. 

Q) For whom did the Prince send the sapphires to and why ?
=  The eyes of the Happy Prince were made of rare sapphires which were brought out of India a thousand years ago. 
                 The Prince sent one of the sapphires to the young writer who was trying to finish a play for the Director of the Theatre. He was too cold to write any more. There was no fire in the grate and hunger had made him faint. So, the Happy Prince sent the sapphires to him. 

               The Happy Prince sent the other sapphires to the little matchgirl who had let her matches fall in the gutter, and they were all spoiled. She was crying bitterly because her father would beat her if she could not bring home some money. That is why the Happy Prince sent the another sapphire to the little matchgirl.


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