A word which has the opposite meaning with another -Antonym

One who is all power - Almighty

One who makes things out of iron - Blacksmith

One who makes bread - Baker

One who sells meat - Butcher

One who works in timber - Carpenter

One who sells fruits and vegetables - Greengrocer

One who cuts hair - Barber

One who mends shoes - Cobbler

One who criticizes everyone around him- Cynic
One who cures  sick people - Doctor

One who speaks many language - Polyglot

One who takes a bright view of things  Optimist

One who takes a dark view of things - Pessimist

One who is self centrer - Egoist

One who dies for a noble cause is - martyr

One having no father and mother - Orphan

One who is an absolute ruler - Autocrat

One who knows many language - Linguist

One who looks after horses at an inn - Ostler

One who goes to visit holy places - Pilgrim

One who travels from place to place for pleasure - Tourist

One who hates mankind - Misanthrope

One who loves mankind - Philanthropist

One who does not take meat or egg - Vegetarian

One who is fond of making jokes -Joker

One who makes and sells jewel

One who hates marriage - Misogamist

One who writes novel - Novelist

One who is free from all mistake and failures - Infallible

One who walks - Pedestrian

One who is greedy - Voracious / Rapacious

One who eats much - Glutton

One who is unable to pay his debts - Bankrupt / Insolvent

One who never takes alcoholic drinks - Teetotaler

The animals of a certain region - Fauna

The plants of a particular region - Flora

A man who is not married - Bachelor

A girl who is not married - Maid

A woman who is not married -spinster

Those who live in the same time - Contemporaries

Man who eats human flesh - Cannibal

One who makes and sells pastry and cookies - Confectioner

A doctor who takes care of teeth - Dentist

A doctor who operates on a patient - Surgeon

A doctor who is specialise in medical problems related to the heart - Cardiologist

A book that contains information on various subjects - Encyclopaedia

A disease causing death - Fatal

Incapable of being seen - Invisible

Incapable of being corrected - Incorrigible

Incapable of being read - Illegible

Incapable of being elected - Ineligible

Incapable of being destroyed - Indestructible

Incapable of being explained - Inexplicable

Incapable of being avoided - Unavoidable

Incapable of being solve - Insoluble

Incapable of being believed - Incredible

Incapable of being divided - Indivisible

A remedy for all ills - Panacea

Happening once a year - Annual

A violent storm - Tempest 

The curved path  of a planet - Orbit

A person who helps even a stranger in difficulty - Samaritan

A small village or group of houses - Hamlet

One who loves empty spaces - Megalomania

To send someone back to his or her own country - Repatriate

A highly skilled musician - Virtuoso

Fear of telling lies - Mythophobia

A group of island - Archipelago

A great mistake - Blunder

A person who thinks he is ill all the time - Hypochondriac

A man eighty years old - Octogenarian

A man who is hundred years old - Centenarian

A place where  coins are made - Monetary

An animal or plant that lives on another - Parasite

A property inherited from the father - Patrimony

All of one mind - Unanimous

Fear of water - Hydrophobia

Fear of dead body - Necrophobia

Fear of books - Bibliophobia

Fear of height - Acrophobia

Fear of ugliness - Cacophobia

Fear of death - Bathophobia

Fear of women - Gynophobia

Fear of dogs - Cynophobia

Fear of fire - Pyrophobia

Fear of trees - Dendrophobia

Fear of beauty - Callophobia

Fear of colours - Chromophobia

Fear of old age - Gerophobia

Fear of getting fat - Anorexia

Fear of marriage - Gamophobia

Fear of cats - Ailurophobia

Fear of air - Aerophobia

Fear of open spaces - Agorophobia

Fear of dark - Nyctophobia

Fear of animals - Zoophobia

Fear of bees - Apiophobia

Fear of snakes - Ophidiophobia

Fear of foreigner - Xenophobia

Fear of crowd - Demophobia

Fear of closed spaces - Claustrophobia

Animals which give milk - Mammals

A person having same name as another - Namesake

A strong desire to return home - Nostalgia

An account in the newspaper of the funeral of the one deceased - Obituary

A home for orphans - Orphanage

A place, where dead bodies are kept for identification - Morgue

A place where coins are made - Mint

A remedy for all disease - Panacea

 Fit to drink - Potable

The study of ancient writing - Paleography


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