Turn The Following Sentences Into Negative Without Changing Its Meaning.

1. She is a good girl.
= She is not a bad girl.

2. Maya always speaks the truth.
= Maya never tells a lie.

3. Chiku is a regular student.
= Chiku is not an irregular student.

4. Only I can do this.
= None but I can do this.

5. She gave me only money.
= She gave me nothing but money 

6. She will forget me.
= She will not remember me.

7. I shall remember you.
= I shall not forget you.

8.You are as tall as I
= You are not taller than I

9. She must pay the loan.
= She can not but pay the loan.

10.You must finish the work.
= You can not but finish the work.

11.Only God can save her.
= None but God can save her.

12.My grandfather is too weak to walk.
= My grandfather is so weak that he can not walk.

13.The bird is too small to fly.
= The bird is so small that it can not fly.

14.He loves you.
= He does not hate you.

15.Every rose has a thone.
=  There is no rose without a thone.

16.Every problem has a solution.
= There is no problem without a solution.

17.Every mother loves her child.
= Every mother can not but love her child.

18.He was absent yesterday.
= He was not present yesterday.

19.The sum is very difficult.
= The sum is not so easy.

20.As soon as he saw me, he began to weep.
= No sooner did he see me than he began to weep.

21.We were doubtful if he would come.
= We were not sure if he would come.

22.Her father is a rich man.
= Her father is not a poor man.

23.Binita was too ill to attend the college yesterday.
= Binita was so ill that she could not attend the college yesterday.

24.All of them were good.
= None of them were bad.

25. Unless you read well, you will fail in the exam.
=If you don't read, you will fail in the exam.

26.The Everest is the highest peak in the world.
= No other peak in the world is as high as the Everest.

27.This is the most interesting story.
= No other story is as interesting as this.

28.Amazon is the biggest forest in the world.
= No other forest in the world is as big as Amazon.

29.He must yield to necessity.
= He can not but yield to necessity.

30.Every man loves his country.
= Every man can not but loves his country.

31.Only a rogue can act this.
= None but a rouge can act this.

32.As soon as the train stopped I got into it.
= No sooner did the train stop than I got into it.

33.Where there is smoke there is fire.
= There is no smoke without fire.

34.The brave alone deserve this.
= None but the brave deserve this.

35.This is all I possess.
= I do not have anything other than this.

36. Every man in the street refused to help her.
= No man in the street came forward to help her.


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