Most common prepositions

 Afraid - of
     She is afraid of dogs.
     Don't be afraid of me.

Accuse - of
       The man was accused of gambling.

Acquit - of
        She was acquitted of all the charges brought against her.

Access -  to
         He has an easy access to the minister.

 Aware - of
    I don't know whether she is aware of it or not.

Beware - of
    Always beware of false friends.

 Boast - of
    Don't boast of your wealth.

 Conscious - of
          You should be conscious of your drawbacks.

 Convicted - of
           He was convicted of theft.

 Devoid - of
        He is devoid of common sense.

Deprive - of
        None but human deprives the animals of their food and shelter.

Devoted - to
           He has devoted his life to the country.

Envious - of
        Don't be envious of one's success.

Fond - of
     She is fond of sweets.

Jealous - of
        She is jealous of me

Proud - of
     We should be  proud of her.

According - to
      According to me he is right.

Addicted - to
       He is addicted to wine.

Belong - to
      We do not belong to their city.

Devoted - to
       He devoted his mind to his studies.

Dedicated - to
       We dedicated ourselves to the social activities.

Familiar - to
      I am not familiar to them.

Fond - of
      I am fond of fishing.

Ignorant -of
      I am completely ignorant of the matter.

Injurious - to
      Smoking is injurious to health.

Indebted - to
       I shall be indebted to you forever.

Inferior - to
       In quality it is inferior to that.

Junior - to 
       He is junior to me.

Jealous - of
       Are you jealous of me.
Key - to
       Hardworking is the key to success.

Laugh - at
     Don't laugh at them.

Listen - to
       Please listen to me.

Prefer - to
      She prefers coffee to tea.

Senior - to
        Rahul is senior to me.

Superior - to
        This product is superior to that.

True - to
        It is true to death.

Hinder - from

Abstain - From
         He took a vow to abstain from smoking.

Refrain - from
         He told me to refrain from smoking.

Prevent - from
         This medicine can not prevent you from cough.

Hanker - after
      Don't hanker after money.

Take - after
      She does not take after her mother.

Long - for
       The children long for holidays.
Regard - for
      I do not have regards for such a man

Sympathy - for
       Don't you have sympathy for this unfortunate boy.

Remedy - for
       Do you know the remedy for a dry cough.

Preside - over
        The Principal will preside over the meeting.

Ponder - over
         Please ponder it over once again.

Control - over
         The teacher has no control over his students.

Congratulation - on
          He congratulated me on my success.

Insist - on
       She insisted me on going there.

Excel - in
        She excels in dancing.

Rich - in 
       Assam is reach in tea.
Interested - in
       We are not interested in your story.

Abound - in
        Rhinos abounds in Assam.

1) Prepositions with the word ' Deal '

a) Deal - in 
       Her father deals in coffee.

b)Deal - with
       She does not know how to deal with the customers.

2. Prepositions with the words ' Consists '

a) Consist - in 
        Happiness consists in simple living.

b) Consists - of
        The class consists of twenty students.

3. Prepositions with the word ' suffer '

a) Suffer - from
        Minu is suffering from cholera.

b) Suffer - for
        You must suffer for this.

4. Prepositions with the word ' Care '

a) Care - of 
         I shall take care of your parents.

b) Care - for
         Who cares for her.
          I don't care for you.

5. Preposition with the word " Blind "

a) Blind - to
       She is blind to her son's fault.

b) Blind - of
       The girl is blind of one eye.

6. Prepositions with the word ' Part '

a) Part - in 
        Will you take part in the quiz competition.

b) Part - from
        She took part from her parents with tears.

c) Part - with
         I can never part with my mobile.

7. Prepositions with the word ' compare '

a) Compare - to
         Anger may be compared to fire.

b) Compare - with
         Don't compare me with her.

8. Prepositions with the word ' bound '

a) Bound - for
      The train is bound for Delhi

b) Bound - to
       You are not legally bound to reply.

9. Prepositions with the word ' Look '

a) Look - for
       What are you looking for in my room.

b) Look - into
        Police will look into the matter.

c) Look - up
        Look up the word " Paradise " in the dictionary.

d) Look - at
         Don't look at me.

e) Look - Over
          Please look over the paper once again before getting it xerox.

10. Prepositions with the words ' Agree '

a) Agree - to
          She was agree to my proposal.

b) Agree - With
            She was not agree with me.

11. Prepositions with the words ' Angry '

a) Angry - with
            My Father was angry with her. 

b) Angry - at
           My mother was angry at her poor result.

12. Preposition with the word ' Sit '

a) Sit - in 
      The monkeys are sitting in the tree.

b) Sit - on
      The birds are sitting on the branches of the tree.

c) Sit - at
        The students are sitting at their desks.

d) Sit - for
       Her younger sister will sit for the final examination this year.

e) Sit - with
        Why are you sitting with the girls?

f) Sit - by (beside)
     She is sitting by me.
     Come and sit by me.

13. Preposition with the word ' Die '

a) Die - of
     Her father died of cholera.
     Her uncle died of covid 19.

b) Die - in
    The man died in a car accident.
    More than ten students died in the bus accident.

c) Die - from
      The man died from over working.

d) Die - by
      Her sister died by taking a glass of poison.

e) Die - for
      He died for money.

14. Prepositions with the word ' Live '

a) Live - on
     Cow lives on grass.
     Tiger lives on flesh. 

b) Live - by
    The old woman lives by begging.

c) Live - for
      She has to live for her only son.

d) Live - from
      The old man lives from hand to mouth.

e) Live - in
      We live in London.

f) Live - at 
      They live at Cheleng gaon.

15. Preposition with the word "attend"

a) Attend - to
       Please attend to his lecture.

b) Attend - on
       A nurse attends on the patient.   

             'BY' and 'WITH'
Work done (person) - By
        The letter was written by Rani.
        The tiger was killed by the hunter.

Work done (instrument) - With
        The tiger was killed with a gun.
        The Tree was cut with an axe.
            'On' and 'Over'

Physical touch - on
          The book is on the table.
          The birds are sitting on the branches of the tree.

Above without touch - over
           The sun is over our heads.
            The birds are flying over the houses.

           'BETWEEN' and 'AMONG'

Two things / persons - Between
          Our school is between the post office and the library.

More than two things / persons - Among
           The girl is sitting among the boys.

             'IN'    and    'ON'

Before 'Days' and 'Dates' - In
       i) She was born on Monday.
       ii) She was born on 2nd July, 2022.

Before Months and Years - In
       i) She was born in July.
       ii) She was born in 2006.

Fill in the blanks with the suitable prepositions

1. Do you agree to my proposal.

2. The girl is junior to me.

3. I prefer coffee to tea.

4. This house consists of five rooms.

5. The sky is over our heads.

6. Distribute these mangoes among all the boys.

7. We live in a village.

8.Don't run after money.

9. A greedy man always hankers after money.

10. Do you agree to my proposal.

11. Shoes are made of leather.

12. The man died by taking poison.

13. A nurse attends on the patient.

14. I want to discuss the matter with Rani.

15. Always beware of false friends.

16. The old man died from  over work.

17. The hunter killed the tiger with his gun.

18. Who are you waiting for.

19. The boy is weak in English. 

20. I warned him against driving so fast.

21. We are proud of our country.

22. I shall look into the complain.

23. The teacher was angry at his conduct.

24. She sent the letter by hand.

25. The students were sitting at their desks.

26. He often suffers from illness.

27. The story was written in red ink.

28. The beggar was blind of one eye.

29. Distribute the mangoes among the boys.

30. We are not satisfied with your work.


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