Reordering of sentences

Reorder The Following Sentences Into a Meaningful One.

 1. He has yet not from returned school.
= He has not returned from school yet.

2. Mahesh not know swim does to how.
= Mahesh does not know how to swim.

3. are harmless to people most bats.
Most bats are harmless to people.

4. People along had up lined road the.
= People had lined up along the road.

5. Slowly and we near silently the target moved.
= We moved near the target slowly and silently.

6. Talking pleased stop you will.
= Will you please stop talking ?

7. Shyam not know swim does to how.
= Shyam does not know how to swim.

8. He came I had left after place the.
= He came after I had left the place.

9. Physical exercise for essential is health good.
= Physical exercise is essential for good health.

10. Everyday it practised be must.
= It must be practised everyday.

11. disease take avoid daily exercise and.
= Take daily exercise and avoid disease.

12. Little learning  a  thing is a dangerous .
= A little learning is a dangerous thing.

13. A cup my sister is making tea for you.
= My sister is making a cup of tea for you.

15. Can not an educated do this person.
= An educated person can not do this.

16. They living have been for last ten years in a village.
= They have been living in a village for last ten years.

17. To the meeting Priya shall not invite I
= I shall not invite Priya to the meeting.

18.  There a is primary school in village our.
= There is a primary school in our village.

19. Me disturb don't because I am very busy.
= Don't disturb me I am very busy.

20. The story is very you told me interesting.
= The story you told me is very interesting.

21. She when it came was raining.
= She came when it was raining.

22. address the President will the public.
= The President will address the public.

23. The cow in the field belongs to grazing Raj.
= The cow grazing in the field belongs to Raj.

24. metal is a gold useful.
= Gold is a useful metal.

25. Lencho profound had in faith God.
= Lencho had profound faith in God.

26. not I did tell Rani so.
= I did not tell Rani so. 

27. First is of the January month year.
= January is the first month of the year.

28. The sentence into Assamese translate following.
= Translate the following sentence into Assamese.

29.The city from the village was far away.
= The city was far away from the village.

30. The consists twelve committee of members.
= The committee consists of twelve members.


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