NCRT SOLUTIONS Prepositions for class XII

 Fill in the blanks with the suitable prepositions

                       HS - 2013
a) We informed the police of the theft in the house.

b) The children were looking forward to their visit to Shillong.

c) I spoke to her in the office.

d) Did you enjoy yourself in the party last night ?

e) The girl standing between the two boys is their sister.

f) Flour is made from wheat.

              HS - 2014

a) The train arrived at the station a minute ago.

b) My birthday is on 24 August

c) The office is closed on the second and fourth Saturday.

d) Our school is at Chandmari.

e) We have been staying at a hotel near the bus stop.

f) The girl standing between the two boys is their sister.

                       HS- 2015

a) I have heard a lot about you from your class teacher.

b) His father is a principal of a school in Jorhat.

c) Please sit down for a few minutes

d) Tom is addicted to gambling.

e) Don't be afraid of telling the truth.

f) Sheila is proud of her beauty.

                 HS - 2016

a) The train arrived at the platform a minute ago.

b) The children were looking forward to their visit to Kaziranga.

c) I have to finish this report by tonight.

d) The girl standing between the two boys is their sister. 

e) Douglas jumped into the swimming pool.

f) The office is closed on second and fourth Saturday.

                HS - 2017

a) I met him on the road.

b) I congratulated you on your success.

c) John was annoyed with his  mother.

d) The work should be finished by next Friday.

e) We are not interested in your story.

f) He was frightened at the noise.

              HS - 2018

a) He is fond of playing cards.

b) She was annoyed at missing the bus.

c) Who is responsible for breaking this mirror.

d) We tried to dissuade her from marrying an old man.

e) They are thinking of moving to another house.

                 HS - 2019

a) What is the time by your watch now ?

b) The students of this college have free access to the Principal.

c) You should take proper care of your books.

d) A sage has no desire for material wealth.

e) India is rich in minerals.

f) He is very particular about his health.

g) I did that without any malice with you.

                 HS - 2020

a) The ship is sailing to the shore.

b) Cut the rope with a knife.

c) I am taller than you by two inches.

d) There was a bridge over the river.

e) We depend on you.

f) He begged for help from me.

g) I do not believe in his honesty.


1. He will come here in a week.

2. We are not interest in your story.

3. The police ran after the thief.

4. We shall be back by 4 O' clock.

5. I am angry at your conduct.

6. He is on the way to Delhi.

7. The food is not of my test.

8. I am confident in success.

9. The little girl was pleased at her new dress.

10. He is at work now.

11. You must suffer for your misdeed.

12. He said this by oath.

13. He has no money with him.

14. Jatin is sorry for what he has done.

15. The applications must be handed in by December 31st.

16. Cuckoos can be seen in the spring.

17. Soldiers in their battledress look very smart.

18. He still comes to see me on time to time.

19. It always gets cool here in the evening.

20. The family are all gathering again in Christmas.

21. John has no taste for music.

22. The ships is bound for England.

23. I am astonished at your conduct.

24. She prefers tea to coffee.

25. She can not part with her mother.

26. Butter is made from milk.

27. Don't be blind to your sin's fault.

28. Where do you come from ?

29. My uncles deals in tea.

30. We are fond of playing cricket.

31. He died for his country.

32. I can not part with my parents.

33. I attended on the patient.

34. My sister insisted on my driving the new car.

35. His application is under consideration.

36. It is 10.30 by my watch.

37. I congratulate you on your success.

38. The arrested man was acquit of the charge of murder.

39. He takes pride in his health.

40. He is devoted to his studies.

41. The thief broke into  the house.

42. She excels in dancing.

43. I refrain from saying more.

44. I insist on going to kolkata.

45.He is negligent to his duty.

46. He hindered me from going.

47. Are you afraid of wolves ?

48. He has great aptitude for mathematics.

49. Please call in a doctor.

50. Health is essential for success in life.

51. I do not hanker after riches.

52. He is true to his words.

53. Rhinos are abound in Assam.

54. You should not be addicted to drinks.


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