Most Important Objective Questions for HSLC Examination 2023

1. How was the tenth May dawn ?

     a) Bright and clear
     b) Hot and Warm
     c) Fresh and clear
     d) Cold and dewy

Ans:- Bright and clear

2. Name the capital of South Africa ?

       a) Johannesburg
       b) Pretoria
       c) Colombo
       d) None of the above

Ans:- Pretoria

3. When did Lencho write a letter to God ?

       a) Sunday morning
       b) Monday morning
       c) Wednesday morning
       d) Saturday  morning

Ans:- Sunday morning

4. What did Lencho write on the envelop of his letter ?

       a) God
       b) To God
       c) To the postmaster
       d) To the postman

Ans:- To God

5. How long did the hail rain ?

      a) For half an hour
      b) For two hours
      c) For an hour
      d) For thirty minutes

Ans:- For an hour

6.  Lencho's prediction was ___ .

     a) A downpour
     b) A storm
     c) A hailstorm
     d) A tempest

Ans:- A downpour

7. _____ was prepared by Lencho's wife .

     a) Breakfast
     b) Dinner
     c) Supper
     d) Lunch

Ans:- Supper

8. Mandela learned the meaning of courage from ___  .

     a) His comrades
     b) His daughter
     c) His wife
     d) His parents

Ans:- His comrades

9. The bitter Anglo-Boer War took place in ___ .

     a) 1994
     b) the first decade of the 20th century.
     c) the last decade of the 20th century.
     d) After the birth of Nelson Mandela.

Ans:- In the first decade of the twentieth century.

10.  Man's goodness is a flame that can be ____ .

     a) Hidden but never extinguished.
     b) Hidden and extinguished.
     c) Seen and never extinguished
     d) None of the above

Ans:- Hidden but never extinguished

11. How many legends are there in the origin of tea ?

     a) Two legends
     b) Four legends
     c) Many legends
     d) Three legends 

Ans:- Many legends

12. Where did Mandela spend his young days ?

     a) In Pretoria
     b) In his mother's village
     c) In India
     d) In Johannesburg

Ans:- In Johannesburg

13. Where did Mandela swim in his childhood ?

     a) In the clear stream
     b) In the pond
     c) In a river
     d) In a well

Ans:- In the clear stream

14. Oliver Tamboo was ____ .
     a) A freedom fighter
     b) A deputy president
     c) President of South Africa
     d) A close friend of Mandela

Ans:- A freedom fighter

15. Whom does the tiger ignore ?

     a) The police
     b) The curator
     c) The visitors
     d) The other animals

Ans:- The visitors

16. How is the fangs of the tiger ?

     a) Black
     b) Yellow
     c) Bright
     d) White

Ans:- White

17. What did Rajvir and Pranjol cross before entering the Dhekiabari tea garden ?

     a) A rail gate
     b) A stone bridge
     c) A cattle bridge
     d) A turnstile

Ans:- A cattle bridge

18. How many cups of tea are drunk everyday throughout the world ?

     a) Over fifty crore cups
     b) Over eighty crore cups
     c) Over ninety crore cups
     d) None of the above

Ans:- Over eighty crore cups

19. What did Pranjol and Rajvir sip in the train compartment ?

     a) Hot steaming tea
     b) Hot steaming soup
     c) Cold Coffee
     d) Hot steaming coffee

Ans:- Hot steaming tea

20. When did Valli reach her village from the town ?

     a) At three forty
     b) At two forty
     c) At two thirty
     d) At four forty

Ans:- At three forty

21. Vali's aunt was from ___ .

     a) The North Street
     b) The South Street
     c) The West Street
     d) The East Street

Ans:- The South Street

22. What kind of man was the conductor ?

     a) Fond of Joking
     b) Fond of laughing
     c) Short tempered
     d) High ambitious

Ans:- Fond of Joking

23. Name the vehicle of Belinda .

     a) Percival
     b) Wagoner
     c) Wagon
     d) Flagon

Ans:- Wagon

24. How did the pirate enter Belinda's house ?

     a) By climbing the wall
     b) By climbing the gate
     c) By climbing the winda
     d) None of the above

Ans:- By climbing the winda

25. Who called Custard Percival ?

     a) Ink and Blink
     b) Belinda and Bilnk
     c) Ink and Belinda
     d) Ink , Blink and Mustard

Ans:- Ink, Blink and Mustard

26. Who chased lions down the stairs ?

     a) Mustard 
     b) Custard
     c) Ink and Blink
     d) Belinda

Ans:- Ink and Blink

27. Who read the letter of Lencho ?

     a) The postman
     b) The postmaster
     c) God
     d) The post office employees

Ans:- The postmaster

28. Where does the tiger stalk ?

     a) In a den
     b) In a forest
     c) On a road
     d) In a cage

Ans:- In a cage

29. Lencho received _____ pesos from God.

     a) Seventy pesos
     b) One hundred Pesos
     c) Sixty Pesos
     d) Fifty Pesos

Ans:- Seventy pesos

30) Custard cried for ____ .

     a) a nice big house
     b) a big safe cage
     c) a nice safe cage
     d) a small safe cage

Ans:- A nice safe cage

31. The house of Belinda was _____ .

     a) big and white 
     b) small and white
     c) a nice safe cage
     d) a small white house

Ans:- a small white house

32. Rapunzel lives ____ >

     a) in a big tree
     b) in the emerald sea
     c) in a big forest
     d) in a high tower

Ans:- In a high tower


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