Most important Idioms and phrases

A blessing in disguise:- a good thing that seemed bad at first.

As right as rain:- perfect

Beat around the bush:- avoid saying what you mean, usually because it was un comfortable.

Better late than never:- better to arrive late than not to come at all

Bite off more than you can chew:- take on a project that you can not finish.

Bolt from the blue:- something that happened without warning

Break the ice:- make people feel more comfortable

Call it a day:- stop working on something

Calm before the storm:- right now it's calm because something bad is about to happen.

Curiosity killed the cat:- stop asking question

Cutting corners:- doing something poorly in order to save time or money

Don't beat a dead horse:- move on, this subject is over.

Do something at the drop of a hat:- Do something without having planned beforehand

Every dog has his day:- everyone gets a chance

Fit as a fiddle:- in good health

Fortune favours the bold:- take risks

Get out of hand:- get out of control

Get your act together:- Work better or leave

Give someone the benefit of the doubt:- trust what someone says

Go back to the drawing board:- start over

Hang in there:- don't give up

Hit the nail on the head:- get something exactly right

Hit the sack:- go to sleep

It's a piece of cake:- its easy

It's raining cats and dogs:- it's raining heavily

It's not a rocket science:- its not complicated

Let the cat out of the bag:- give away a secret

Leave no stone unturned:- tried every plan/ look everywhere

Let sleeping dogs lie:- stop discussing an issue

Make a long story short:- tell something briefly

Miss the boat:- it's too late

Once in a blue moon:- rarely

On cloud nine:- very happy

Pull someone's leg:- to joke with someone

Pull yourself together:- calm down

See eye to eye:- agree

Spill the beans:- give away a secret

The ship has sailed:- it's too late

The elephant in the room:- The big issue, the problem people are avoiding

To make matter worse:- make a problem worse

Under the weather:- sick

Weather the storm:- go through something difficult.

Well begun is half done:- getting a good start is important


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